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1. Group Structure

Basically, EBULENT found by several companies. First is the EBULENT Technology in USA, the patent holder for LCOS and CHLCD as well as TFT, Lighting. The HDX International is also based in California, USA, is for sale marketing for displays system and power system. EBULENT Optronics (SZ) is the factory ,the manufacture place for all the other operation. We product not only displays but also the related backlight, TP and Integrated system applications. In past seven years, we did a lot of expansion in this area, because we had to migrate from simple display to more system level solution for our customers. EBULENT System (BJ) is the system development company for FPGA, ARM, LCD Interface etc. ZUGA Medical is a dental company, we provide some applications or plant for offices as promotion and advertisement display.

2. Professional Team

There are more than 120 employees in EBULEBT and over 30.5% are Bachelor and Master in electronics, physics, computer software and hardware, electrical, and other areas. Enthusiasm, Passion and team work spirit are what guide our work. Ebulent is run by ten departments. Communicated well make work goes well.