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Special Applications.

We don’t give it much thought but electronic displays play a critical role as the man-machine interface for a seemingly endless number of infrastructure applications necessary for the un-interrupted supply of goods and services we all rely on day in and day out.

Whether it is an electronic display used in a natural gas, water or electric meter or as part of an oil field monitoring system at a remote corner of the world or electronic signage daily directing the millions of travelers around the world to their bus, train or airplane severe usage conditions are the norm. With exposure to high humidity, temperature extremes, dust, precipitation and UV, reliability and long life-time are mandatory.

Since its inception Ebulent Technologies Corp. has supplied displays and display modules for demanding infrastructure applications working closely with our customers around the world to meet the exacting requirements of their industry.  Recent products include intrinsically safe display module assembly for hazardous gas detection, solar powered battery backed up bus stop signage and dynamic electronic inventory control tag to name just a few.

       Fluid manometer

Outdoor display system with solar power