Product Assembly

Product Assembly

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Subassembly to complete product assembly and contact Manufacturing Services.

Ebulent Technologies Corp. is a versatile and vertically integrated manufacturing service company. More than just a conventional contract manufacture Ebulent Technologies Corp. offers a broad range of services beyond that of the traditional CM.  Whether it is a prototype beta run or medium to high volume production run Ebulent Technologies Corp. can provide additional services in-house including burn-in, environmentally testing over extreme temperature ranges, product aging and other post production testing and qualifications efficiently.

Ebulent Technologies Corp.’s manufacturing facility includes a clean assembly area, a Class 100 clean room for touchscreen assembly and IC bonding and a Class 1000 clean room for display assemblies.

With over ten years’ experience in manufacturing of through-hole, SMT, LCD module assemblies and touchscreens we know what it takes to manufacture a quality subassembly or product.  Our product assembly line equips Ebulent Technologies Corp. with the ability to start with your BOM and finish with your product fully assembled and customer ready be it the latest IoT product, food service machine or just about anything in-between.