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Cholesteric liquid crystal display modules. (ChLCD modules.)

Recognizing Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Displays (ChLCD) key attribute of “No Power” to maintain an image, Ebulent Technologies has been a supplier of this unique display technology from the beginning.  No other company has more ChLCD design wins or manufacturing experience than us. No other company has shipped more segmented and graphic ChLCD modules than Ebulent Technologies Corp.  

ChLCD attributes:

  • No energy required to maintain an image for weeks, months or even decades!
  • Superior optical properties: Unprecedented sunlight readability and wide viewing angle.
  • Simple construction: no polarizing layers.
  • Reflective.  
  • Wide temperature range.

ChLCD applications:

  • Solar powered infrastructure signage.
  • Hand-held battery powered devices.
  • Electronic Shelve Labels (ESL).
  • Electronic note pad.
  • Data collection loggers.
  • Electronic inventory control tag.

Fresh recorder

Card balance display

Electronic Shelve Labels

CH-LCD Products: